Chris Healey, Owner. 

Chris has been cutting meat since he was 14 years old; let's just say it's been a few years.  Purchasing the Fremont Meat Market in 1990, he has grown the business into a thriving part of the Fremont Community. 

Chris has always been excited to share his passion of cooking and entertaining for friends. Often when you stop in "the shop" he will be there giving tips on how to make the best prime rib, or excited to tell someone about his famous cheese dogs. 

With a true passion for what he does you will note that the Meat Market is federally inspected and adheres to quality standards far more rigorous that typical small store of his kind. 

Contact Us.

Fremont Meat Market .   1605 N Main Fremont, NE 68025.     Phone:     [402.721.8782]  E-mail: [

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